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Xaffle Raffles
Super simple raffles... without the hassles.

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About Xaffle

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Why Xaffle?

Raffles, in the form of lotteries and drawings, date back as far as the time of Ceasar. Since that time, raffles have been used to distribute everything from cash to artwork to automobiles to livestock... and just about everything else you can imagine. In the intervening 2,000 years, raffles have changed very little... until now.

Welcome to the first 21st Century raffle system -- Xaffle.

Xaffles Raffles
Xaffle participants can be anywhere in the world. Raffle entrants must be present to enter.
Xaffle winners are notified automatically... wherever they are. Raffle winners must be manually contacted or present to win.
Xaffle tickets are electronic and can't be lost. Paper raffle tickets get lost.
Easy to collect user info, e.g., email, cell number, city, state, zip, etc. Difficult to collect any participant info.
Xaffle let's you download all your data in a spreadsheet. Paper raffles require hours of tedious, error-prone data entry.
Perfect visibility to number of entrants. Vague visibility to number of entrants.
Zero chance of fraud. Significant chance of fraud.
Entering a Xaffle by text is fun and interesting. Entering a paper-ticket raffle is boring and passe.
How Can You Use Xaffle?
Anywhere you can post a message, hang a sign or otherwise address an audience, you can run a Xaffle raffle. And unlike handing out paper raffle tickets, Xaffle tickets allow you to collect any information you choose -- name, email , phone, etc. Setting up a Xaffle raffle takes two minutes and entering a Xaffle raffle take about 20 seconds.

Virtual Fish Bowl
No need to collect business cards or cajole passers by into filling out an entry form. And with Xaffle's advanced 'export' feature, premiun Xaffle get a download of all their entrant's info emailed directly instantly.

Door Prizes
Event organizers, vendors and sponsors can easily run free raffles at sporting events, home shows, craft fairs, swap meets, etc.

Lead Generation
Exhibitors at conferences, trade shows, and conventions can gather contact info anywhere crowds of potential customers congregate.

Virtual Voting Booth
With Xaffle's advanced 'votes' feature, Platinum and Gold plan users can easily generate rankings of the most popular entries.

And The Winner Is...
With Xaffle's advanced 'contest' feature, Platinum and Gold plan users can run contests that will choose a winner based on which entrants got the right answer first.

Did we miss something?
Send us a new suggestion for a great way to use Xaffle and we'll give you 200 Xaffle tickets for helping out!