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Xaffle Raffles
Super simple raffles... without the hassles.

Send SMS to: 415-AFF-XAFF (415-233-9233)

Xaffle Quick Start Guide

Xaffle is a simple virtual raffle system that allows you to create, run and enter raffles/drawings/contests using only text messages. 

All text messages should be sent to 415-233-9233 (415-AFF-XAFF)

Step 1: Setup your account.

Just text the following:


Step 2: Create your first Xaffle drawing.

Just text the following:

drawing_name new

(Note: 'drawing_name' must be one word, 15 characters or less)

Your raffle is now set up an ready to go with the following defaults:
  • Tickets Available: 100
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Entries per person: 1
See below for Xaffle commands that will allow you to change these settings.

Step 3: Give out your Xaffle tickets.

Just have your participants text the following:


Each successful entry will receive a confirmation text message that will include their Xaffle ticket number.

Step 4: Monitor your Xaffle drawing.

You can check the stats of your drawing anytime by texting the following:

drawing_name stats

Step 5: Choose your Winners.

You can choose as many winners as you like.  To select a winner, just text the following:

drawing_name winner place_num

For example:
    'drawing_name winner 1' will select a first-place winner.
    'drawing_name winner 2' will select a second-place winner.
    'drawing_name winner 3' will select a third-place winner.
    ... and so on.
You can choose as many winners for each place as you like, i.e., one 1st-place winner, three 2nd-place winners, five 3rd-place winners, etc.  Just send the 'winner' command once for each. To see a list of your winners, just text:

drawing_name winner

Step 6: Notify your winners.

  You can notify your winners any of the following ways:
    1) Announce the winning ticket numbers and have participants check their confirmation text message... just like a regular raffle. 2) Export your drawing results (see 'export' command below) and contact each winner by phone, email or text message. 3) Have Xaffle automatically notify your winners with a text message.  To do this, just text: drawing_name notify

Other Xaffle Commands

Xaffle supports additional commands that empower you to manage virtually every aspect of your raffle/drawing/contest just by sending simple text messages.  Note: options included inside square brackets like [this] indicate a variable parameter that you can change.

Bronze Account Commands:

drawing_name new {Create a new Xaffle drawing}
drawing_name stats {View drawing statistics}
drawing_name time {View start, end and remaining drawing time}
drawing_name stop {Stop/pause the drawing}
drawing_name start {Start/resume the drawing}
drawing_name extend [minutes] {Extend the drawing period by X minutes}
drawing_name winner {View the currently selected winners}
drawing_name winner [place_num] {Generate a random winner; repeat for multiple winners}
drawing_name winmsg [<=100 chars] {Set the contact message sent to the winners}
drawing_name notify {Notify the drawing winners}
drawing_name tickets [number] {Set the max number of tickets}
drawing_name entries [number] {Set the max number of entries per person}

Silver & Gold Account Commands:

drawing_name type [email/random/vote/quiz] {Set the drawing_types}
drawing_name export {Retrieve data file of drawing entries}

Platinum Account Commands:

drawing_name clear {Delete all tickets from the drawing}
drawing_name votes {Display a top 10 ranking of all of the drawing entries}
drawing_name contest {Select winners based on who submitted a correct answer first}
drawing_name answer {Set the correct answer for a 'contest' style drawing}