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Xaffle Raffles
Super simple raffles... without the hassles.

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Drawings/Month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 3 1
Tickets Included 2,000 1,000 400 200 25
Addon Tickets $0.13 $0.18 $0.22 $0.25 N/A
Commands Admin Premium Premium Standard Standard
Export Entries X X X
Entry Validation X X
Multiple Admins X X
Vitual Voting X
Contests X
Priority Support X
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Buy Extra Tickets

Your Xaffle account includes a fixed number of monthly tickets. These monthly tickets refresh each month -- just like your cell phone minutes. If you need more tickets, you can purchase "addon" tickets. These "addon" tickets never expire and are only used when your monthly tickets run out.

For example, if you have a Silver account, you get 400 tickets each month. If you use up your 400 tickets before your billing period is over, Xaffle will try to use any "addon" tickets you purchased. At the end of your billing cycle, your account will reset to a new set of 400 tickets... and any unused "addon" tickets you have left will still be available to you.

You can buy "addon" tickets in batches of $10, $100 or $500. Depending on your Xaffle plan, the price of an "extra" ticket will vary a bit.

Addon Ticket Batches
  Price $10 $100 $500
Bronze ~ 23 ¢ 45 450 2,200
Silver ~ 23 ¢ 45 450 2,200
Gold ~ 18 ¢ 55 550 2,800
Platinum ~ 13 ¢ 80 770 4,000

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